Brand Guidelines

Many nonprofits continue to use their brands primarily as a fundraising tool, but more nonprofits are developing a broader and more strategic approach, managing their brands to create greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion. CHDC has been developing detailed policies to manage the use of CHDC’s names and logos, as well as developed a cohesive look thru use of updated colors and text.

What is CHDC’s brand?

CHDC has developed a new model that allow our brand to contribute to sustain our social impact, serve our mission, and stay true to our organization’s values and culture. CHDC developed our brand framework thru the result of a 6-month research project, led by Premier Organizational Designs. Building on previous work in the field, Premier Organizational Designs conducted structured interviews with staff and leaders, and looked at brand trends for 2019 and beyond. Then CHDC leaders and Premier Organizational Designs analyzed these interviews and additional data to learn how leaders in the field are thinking about nonprofit brands today and how the look and feel of CHDC can be modernized.

From visual design to social media, the branding team developed and unveiled a strong brand concept/refresh. By showing CHDC’s new personality trait, we will be communicating to the public . . . “CHDC works to enhance the LIFESTYLE of the people in its communities.”

This message articulates the way CHDC wants our audiences to think and feel about our organization. There are six specific traits that our voice and imagery should convey:

  1. Motivated – shows our eagerness to work with our clients
  2. Analytical and SMART – being capable, respected, resourceful
  3. Trusting – shows that we help our clients reach their goal, and work cross functionally to ensure clients needs are met
  4. Open and Welcoming – being accessible and friendly
  5. Inspiring – showcases our PRIDE in what we do in the community
  6. Connected – being actively engaged at the community level; ONE CHDC team

This page provides tools and guidelines for CHDC leaders, staff and Board of Directors. Our collective work is what will continue to build the CHDC brand, and our team is available to help our departments do just that. If you have questions or feedback, our inboxes are open.



for CHDC leaders and Brand Ambassadors

I.  Logos

  • CHDC FINAL logo

  • CPMC FINAL logo


II.  Business Documents