Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Page

CHDC-Equity-Team-Charter – 2019

Why does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matter to CHDC? Because we stand with other non-profits to denounce racism and intolerance in the affordable housing and social services industries. Our organization is embarking on an intentional journey to identify how to build the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all our nonprofit’s operations, as well as model these organizational values as we advance our mission.

As a member of NeighborWorks, we join them in reframing the narrative around race, equity, diversity and inclusion, and hope to engage in a dynamic conversation exploring the role of community development in creating racially equitable and inclusive communities through CHDC’s programs, policies and practices.

The resources provided on this page will assist our Equity team, staff and Board of Directors to begin, and further, the conversation around racial equity and inclusion in our policies, programs and practices. Our work will be engaged around community program development and will provide principles to enhance the intentionality in the growth of, and improvement in, our communities with respect to:

  • Leadership and civic engagement
  • Employment and career development
  • Housing development
  • Program development and access
  • Community education

Our dedication to achieving racial equity within our organization and our community will continually evolve as we strive to be mindful in our approach to respond to our staff, stakeholders and the needs of the communities we serve.

Our Equity Statement (Condensed)CHDC believes in the core values of Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and embrace these organizational values into our operations. We strive to advance our mission by acting strategically and intentionally to create positive environments for our community, customers, and all staff to flourish. The full equity statement can be found HERE.

Our Equity Team: An organized approach led by CHDC staff, focused on building power is an important strategy for advancing racial equity within our organization. By engaging a diverse mix of stakeholders, CHDC leadership and staff will be able to move from talk to action in creating equitable opportunities for the communities we seek to serve.

Thru the use of presentations, interactive sessions, and networking across CHDC departments, our Equity Team (E-team) will learn about successful strategies that address racial inequities. They will learn new approaches to build on CHDC’s strategic goals of achieving inclusive community and program development, and an understanding of the role CHDC must play in striving for effective, healthy communities. The E-team will be responsible for:

  • Supporting the development of CHDC’s equity strategy and plan.
  • Facilitating the planning efforts and implementation of a racial equity lens in CHDC programs, planning, practices and policies.
  • Supporting the gathering of data which will be used to identify and review equity impacts of programs, policies and decisions to strengthen positive impacts and mitigate disparities, and
  • Supporting conversations, awareness-raising, and training on issues such as race, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Through exchanging ideas, information, and participating in collaborative efforts between all CHDC departments and/or service lines, our E-team will work to ensure equitable policies and practices, examine internal biases and adopt practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for all CHDC staff as well as the community we serve. Click here to learn more about CHDC’s E-team roles and responsibilities.

R E D I   R E S O U R C E S 

for CHDC E-team, Board of Directors and Staff

I.  DEI Overview

II.  E-Team Resources

III.  Equity Planning Tools

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