Financial Fitness for Homeowners


CHDC assists individuals and families to take control of their money, set and achieve personal goals, and increase their financial security. This includes: budgeting, money management, consumer rights, banking, investing, credit, predatory lending, saving, retirement, debt management, and taxes, including homeownership tax benefits and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

SparkPoint Centers: CHDC is a key partner at two SparkPoint centers in Contra Costa County (Bay Point and Richmond). We help clients improve their financial security through a variety of coordinated services: finding a job, pursuing education, building an income/asset base, or getting emergency assistance. A financial coach is also available to help in setting priorities and meeting financial goals. Staff is available at the centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment on other days.

CCMatch / IDA Programs The Contra Costa-Moving Assets Toward Community Hands (or CCMATCH) is a savings program for individuals with low income that provides matched funds (also known as Individual Development Accounts or IDAs) to help clients save money to purchase a home.  Depending on their savings goal, client deposits may be matched at the rate of 3:1 for homeownership. To qualify, CC-MATCH clients must live in Contra Costa County and not exceed income limits and meet other requirements.

Program Enrollment

  • For more information, please call (510) 412-9290, or (707) 652-7861.
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