Our Green Goals

Our goals are the preservation of affordable and sustainable housing, sustained resident engagement to achieve positive community impact, and the promotion of green and sustainable practices for the long-term benefit of residents and communities. We strive to be resourceful, responsible stewards to improve lives and strengthen communities.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Environmentally Friendly Landscapes

Accessibility and Walkability

Using and Purchasing Renewable Resources

Focusing on Product Durability

Consider Lifecycle Cost of Operation and Maintenance

Our Green Programs

CHDC’s Green Initiatives include our green asset management strategy with green design and construction guidelines; our green rehab planning and assessment; our commitment to encouraging, educating and providing resources for living in a green community.  To do so we are:

Developing a Green Standard of Living

As we look comprehensively at our existing portfolio of properties, we are proactively making energy-saving retrofits and educating our staff and residents about green practices. CHDC’s approach requires the continuous monitoring of utility consumption across our property portfolio, which informs where conservation investments can be most effective and helps CHDC replace out dated systems and incorporate renewable energy generation across our portfolio

Building Green

We have developed high standards for energy efficiency that will be incorporated into our existing property management guidelines and into our new design and construction guidelines.  On new projects we will work with architects, builders, and consultants to meet these goals. Additionally, we work closely with property management staff to maintain each building’s green upgrades and monitor the effectiveness of our conservation initiatives.

Resident Engagement

CHDC is committed to initiating sustainability activities that are important to their residents and to the community. Our goal is to empower residents to invest in their community by involving them in the betterment process. CHDC plans to educate residents on green management of their residents and develop substantial activities that will engage residents and provide real opportunities for involvement.  Examples of resident engagement include assisting with a tracking program for utility use reduction, or serve as “block captains” for water conservation.

Encouraging purchasing Green

CHDC is working with California Air Resources Board to offer residents in targeted disadvantaged communities the opportunity to purchase Advanced Technology Vehicles. This project will allow CHDC to provide financial assistance (price buy-down grants and loans) opportunities enabling consumers to purchase advanced technology vehicles, which will result in immediate greenhouse gas benefits and clean transportation. For more information, visit the website at https://dcap.chdc.sharperfx.com/.