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As a nonprofit developer of affordable homes for sale and rental, CHDC creates high-quality housing options that improve neighborhoods. We meet with community members and stakeholders to ensure meaningful public involvement and give current residents a clear voice in the development process. CHDC develops single-family homes; multi-unit affordable rental projects; and mixed-use projects with commercial as well as residential opportunities. We are recognized as a leading affordable homeownership developer.


CHDC develops housing for families of all sizes and ages, seniors, and people with disabilities. We emphasize affordability for people with incomes below 80% of the area median income. Our for-sale properties are targeted to first-time buyers. Buyers are prepared and qualified to purchase through CHDC’s Homeownership Program.

Check Out CHDC'S Featured Property: Heritage Point

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Located in unincorporated North Richmond, Heritage Point is a 4 story 42-unit new construction affordable housing development.

Total Development Cost


Total lot area: .812

Number of dwellings per acre: 42 units/acre

Unit Size and Count

# of 1 bedrooms and square feet: 12 units averaging 620 sq. ft.

# of 2 bedrooms and square feet: 17 units averaging 810 sq. ft.

# of 3 bedrooms and square feet: 13 units averaging 1,115 sq. ft.


Affordability and rents

All units are affordable to households earning at or below 30% to 45% of the Contra Costa County Area Median Income

Green Features

  • – On-site storm water run-off that is filtered through landscaped planters prior to being discharged into stormwater system to help keep waterways clean.


  • – Reduce indoor water usage with low-flow plumbing fixtures.


  • – Reduced outdoor water usage with an automatic drip-irrigation system connected to rain sensors, and hydro-zoning organized by needs.


  • – Recycling a minimum of 65% of non-hazardous construction waste diverted from landfills.


  • – The use of low-VOC paints and sealants to improve indoor air quality.


  • – The use of low-VOC building insulation products to improve indoor air quality.


  • – Proposed flooring materials (carpet and hard-floor) that are certified low-VOC products for better indoor air quality.


  • – Exhaust fans from bathrooms and kitchens that are vented directly to the exterior to reduce indoor air humidity.


  • – Mechanical systems that are designed and sized to actual demands to reduce energy waste.


  • – An efficient water heating system with solar pre-heat to help building exceed State energy requirements.



For more information about Heritage Point and the groundbreaking celebration, click here.

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